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Fan reeds are designed solely for use on warpers.

Fan reeds are designed solely for use on warpers. They are built much in the same way as an ordinary weaving reed except that the dents are spread wider at the top. The purpose of this fan is to allow for a small adjustment in the warp width by raising or lowering the warp sheet in the reed. The fan reed can be manufactured with blocks patterns as shown for single endd end leasing.Two factors determine whether a fan is built properly. One is the know-how in manufacturing. A fan is considerably more difficult to built than an ordinary weaving reed since the dents must be set at a uniform angle. Secondly, the amount of fan must be kept to a minimum. As the fan increase, it becomes more difficult to accuratly control the uniformity in spacing of the dents. In no case should the difference between the top and bottom spread of dents be greater than the clear height of the reed (shed space). (C-D must be less than B). L.P.L. fan reeds can be hard chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.Before ordering, call us and we will give you some important tips on how to calculate the dimensions of your next fan reed.